Posted on 20-08-2018 by Lisa Burrows

London Flavours Launch Street Food Crisps Range

London Flavours will be launching new Street Food crisps range in the UK savoury snacks market, late summer.

The range includes three exciting new vegetarian flavours, inspired by the diversity of London’s street food; Pho, Teriyaki and Sticky Ribs flavour, available in 40g and 150g bags.

Our new Street Food range aims to inject more excitement into the UK crisps market, with a unique new range of flavours that reflect London’s food culture and diversity.

We saw an opportunity to capitalise on the high consumer demand for adventurous new Street Food flavours and cuisines, infusing them into a delicious range of premium crisps.

We have teamed up with popular London street food vendor, ‘Salt Shed’ to create our Sticky Ribs flavour, featuring a special packaging collaboration. Salt Shed co-owner, Laurence Stevens said, “London Flavours, like us, are serious about quality food inspired by our city. Street Food is the way Londoners eat today, so we were delighted to work with them to create an irresistible Sticky Ribs flavour influenced by our own ribs”.

The market timing is perfect for our launch, MCA Insight reported UK’s street food market to reach an estimate growth of 9.1% from 2017, valuing at £1.9bn this year. The new Street Food range aims to create a new snacking experience to meet this booming eating trend. Providing consumers with the opportunity to experience a taste of London’s diverse street food flavours, wherever they are.

The launch will be supported by a social media campaign and sampling activity around London.