Cheddar cheese has now been joined by mozzarella and monterey jack blocks, as well as shredded option for cheddar, mozzarella, monterey jack and cheddezella our mix of cheddar and mozzarella, perfect for grilling.

Chilled Block Cheese

Food Store supply chilled mild, mature and extra mature cheddar, as well as monterey jack. All can be ordered and shipped together.

Frozen Block Cheese

Food Store's Mozzarella brings a delicious, mild, creamy flavour. Coming in block format it can be sliced, grated and melted across a wide range of meals, giving you, it's well-known stringy structure we all know and love!

Frozen Shredded Cheese

In the kitchen, every second counts. Our shredded cheeses are a convenient solution to saving valuable prep time and reducing labour costs whilst elevating your meals and enhancing your offering.

Frozen Butter 25kg

Food Store's Unsalted Butter is produced using premium milk which is gently churned to create a rich and creamy butter – perfect for spreading, baking and cooking.


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