Posted on 06-05-2016 by Lisa Burrows

A few weeks ago we promised to tell you how London Flavours was created so here it is!

For the past several years, Food Store International had been building branded snacks in the Middle East markets with great success, understanding what worked well, what didn’t work so great and consumers buying trends. We had worked so hard to build these and get growth out of the crisp category that after years of speculating, we finally decided to produce our own brand.

Enter the designers. We sourced a local design agency to help inspire us and provide us with their insights into developing a brand which could work for our target markets. We went through a number of different ideas on concepts, values and brand names trying to find something that fit what we were aiming for: exciting, premium and modern.

Playing round with different concepts, we started to talk about people’s perception of the British crisp and how London with its diversity and culture is a great reflection of Britain on consumers minds, especially overseas. It was this perception and diversity that London offered that led us to choose this as our brand. On further discussions, we generated ideas about sharing what London is really like as opposed to the typical touristy landmarks. Wouldn’t it be great to incorporate a flavour of the real London life into our snacks… and this is exactly how London Flavours was born.

Designed to portray London as a city so diverse you could find anything you wanted and more, we set about creating the right concepts and images for London Flavours incorporating the familiar with the unfamiliar.

Using similar flavours to ones we knew would work from our past experience and colourful imagery to stand out from the existing products on shelf, we worked hard putting it all together to create what you see today.

We stand for London Flavours, the premium and modern snack. Have you tried us yet?